Fab Five

April 6, 2010

My Five most important lessons I learned in Public Relations

  • What is Media Scanning and why its important
  • Making connections and relationships at every level
  • What is PR vs. what is Marketing
  • How to be critical of the news
  • The importance of Social Media

Gender Neutral ‘O Canada’?

April 6, 2010

‘True patriots love in all thy sons’ command.’

This line has been in the Canadian nathional anthem for nearly 100 years,the minority Conservative government is asking Parliament to look at the original lyrics ‘True patriot love thou dost in us command.’

Personally I understand where their coming from; it is a slightly sexist phrase. It has the connotation that we look to the men of this country instead of looking to both men and women. However it could also be looked at that we are all sons’ of Canada, sons meaning children of Canada. The phrase ‘love thou dost in us command’ doesn’t make much sense in the current age, so I’m not sure that this choice isn’t the lesser of two evils.

‘O Canada’ is a part of our nations history, we should embrace it not criticize it, be proud of our anthem and what it has stood for in the last 100 years. This anthem has meant freedom to millions of people, if we are going to change anything why not change everything?


Hyundai = Unprofessional

April 6, 2010

While shopping for a used car this year I visited multiple car dealerships, one of them was Hyundai here in Victoria. While at Hyundai I had one of the worst experiences with a salesman and his manager. I was asked ‘What can we do to put you in a car today?’ after not having seen a single car, or been shown the options I inquired about, or being given any information. I had also clearly stated before this that I had never been in a Hyundai before and was looking to buy within the next month. I politely said “Nothing, I’m not buying today”, and the salesman went and found his manager whose second question was “What can we do to put you in a car today?”. After my second response of “Nothing, I’m not buying today” and after a long wait, I was passed off to a junior salesman to show me one car. I walked out without a second glance from any of the salesmen I had spoken with, and received no follow up calls about any cars.

Hello world!

January 13, 2010

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